How To 3X Your Goals This Year (One Page Planner)

I created a 3X Goal Planner with 12 Simple Questions to help you set goals and actions to achieve them. If you haven’t made “a plan” for this year you might find this little worksheet helpful. If you only make “one resolution” this New Year, let it be to start taking THREE ACTIONS to get […]

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How To 3X Your Website Page Speed

If you want to improve your customer experience, conversions and google rankings the fastest way to do all three is to improve your website load time. In typical 3X fashion I’m going to give you a number of ways to do this and you should pick 3 of them and get started. For the purpose […]

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Bookmark The Daily3X

I’m a big fan of simple, actionable business nuggets. I collect, organize and review them periodically for quick ideas and inspiration. I even have a membership site devoted to them at So when I was looking for an easy way to share these nuggets with 3Xer’s I had a very simple idea. I present […]

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3 Quick Ways To Reduce Monthly Expenses

Check Your PayPal Pre-Approved Payments Paypal is a convenient way to order things online, but sometimes we forget we gave access to automatic payments on our accounts. One of the quickest ways to reduce your monthly expenses if you use Paypal is to check your “active” pre-approved payments. You may be surprised what you’re paying […]

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So What Is Simple3X?

It's ONE very simple idea for changing habits, reaching goals and improving productivity in both LIFE and BUSINESS.