How To 3X Your Goals This Year (One Page Planner)

I created a 3X Goal Planner with 12 Simple Questions to help you set goals and actions to achieve them.

If you haven’t made “a plan” for this year you might find this little worksheet helpful.

Goal Planner

If you only make “one resolution” this New Year, let it be to start taking THREE ACTIONS to get TRACTION.

Here’s a quick example of what I mean…

I decided to try “intermittent fasting” for 3 days after Christmas.

The first 3 days were tough, but now I’m seeing results, it’s much easier and I’m motivated to continue.

Those three days of action, gave me traction and cured my fears about intermittent fasting.

That’s 3X Focus…

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So What Is Simple3X?

It's ONE very simple idea for changing habits, reaching goals and improving productivity in both LIFE and BUSINESS.